Equipment in Action

 Hunter Fire

 Crews Fire

 Apple Fire

River Fire

 CZU Complex
Dolan Fire
Silverado Fire
 Pawnee Fire
 Mendocino Fire

Generator Maintenance

Setting up tents with economical AC

Canoe/Honeydew Fire

20′ x 40′ Western Tents can join together to create larger tents.

 “Western” tents joined together and using our “Way Cool” evaporative cooler.

40′ x 40′ tents clustered together when you need a lot of coverage.
 Kings Range Fire
 Multiple tents together for emergency offices, medical facilities, sleeping, cooking or eating areas.

Outdoor lighting illuminates the tent while protecting staff from the elements.

We also offer tables, chairs, power cords, cables and trashcans. Just let us know what you need!

Tents and chairs set up for meetings.

Our Multi Quip 60 KW Diesel generator. Very quiet for the amount of power it produces

 Cannon Fire

20′ x 20′ tents offer natural light and the sides are removable making it easy to move large equipment in and out.


20′ x 20′ tents can be joined together when a larger space is needed.


40′ x 60′ tent. This is often used a dining or briefing tent.