intents offers 20’x 20′, 19’x 35′, 20’x 40′ and 40’x 60′ frame tents. These provide perfect space for emergency offices, medical facilities, or sleeping, cooking and eating areas. Our tents are available without sides or with sides and clear windows to protect you from the elements. Multiple tents can be attached to each other to create larger tent areas as needed. We can provide remote power and indoor temperature control at your request.

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20′ x 20′ Canopies

This tent is flexible; it is available with sides which keeps the weather out, your materials dry and clean – but you can remove the sides if you need more ventelation or to move large equipment in and out.

19′ x 35′ Western Shelter

Unique octagon shape. Comes with clear windows, is fully screened and has privacy flaps. Each configuration includes a collapsible, aluminum-framed door and vent cap system. Can be configured with other Western systems to enlarge size.

40 x 60 Tent

This tent works well for a briefing or dining tent. (Available with sides.)

Indio, CA

60 Tents used for Staff Sleeping